Aug 13th 2014 Race Results & Pictures

Aug 13th 2014 Race Results & Pictures

Aug 13th 2014 Race Results & Pictures

The last race of the this year’s summer series occurred on Wednesday, August 13th. The threat of rain and bad weather conditions did not stop the race and led to a great gathering of determined runners and walkers braving the initial conditions. After a brief rain shower to begin the event, the sun peeked through the clouds leading to very good weather conditions for the rest of the evening and event.

Concluding this year’s summer series, we want to give some thanks. Thank you to,

  • All of the volunteers that assisted at each event who were instrumental in the setup, time  tracking, and water distribution.
  • Andy Kimerling and the Westchester Track Club for their time in coordinating the event through weather conditions, system issues; through all, they stayed on track in completing each event.
  • Ed Dorian Jr. for bringing back this event after a 10-year hiatus.
  • Purchase College and the campus security for allowing us to host the event in the scenic  perimeter of their campus.
  • All of our sponsors for your financial support and presence at the event and/or as participants, your contributions have been integral to the success of the series in our second year: Heritage Realty, Dorian Drake International, O’Connor Davies, Arthur J. Gallagher, Tommie Copper, PNC Mortgage, Normandy Real Estate Partners, Citibank, and Hop Energy.
  • The Westchester Continuum of Care for your continued work in the community in fighting veteran homelessness throughout Westchester county, a worthy cause to support.
  • All participant runners and walkers, families and friends of the event.  You have made this event worthwhile.

Rain or Shine! We’ll see you next summer!

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See photos and race results below.

 Several items of note:

  • We did not get a chance to provide awards at the event and inform of the results due to several system issues. Our apologies go out to all award winners.  All award winners will be contacted to pick up their awards at the Westchester Road Runner store or have them shipped.
  • If you didn’t get a t-shirt, please email WestchesterRR@aol.com with your name and size.
    Tel: (914) 682-0637, Fax: (914) 949-4166
    Westchester Road Runner Store – 179 East Post Road, White Plains, NY  10601

Fundraising: All excess event proceeds go to the Westchester Continuum of Care, which provides shelter for Westchester’s homeless.

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Sponsors at Event

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Event Pictures

Race Results

Team Results


Place Team Time
1 New York Power Authority “A” 64:48
2 Dorian Drake International “A” 65:10
3 TwoFour 68:37
4 O’Connor Davies 69:54
5 Transamerica Retirement Solutions 75:17
6 Dorian Drake International “B” 76:28
7 New York Power Authority “B” 77:11


Place Team Time
 1  New York Power Authority  86:44
 2  Dorian Drake International  94:22
 3  Transamerica Retirement Solutions  105:43


Place Team Time
1 Wilson Elser 108:29
2 TwoFour 110:20
3 O’Connor Davies 113:43
4 New York Power Authority 143:00


Westchester Corporate Cup 3-Race Series Over All Team Winners

Men (team must be in all three races to qualify)

Place Team Time
1 Dorian Drake International “A” 211:17
2 TwoFour 219:02
3 O’Connor Davies 222:17

Women (team must be in all three races to qualify)

Place Team Time
 1  Dorian Drake International  279:25


2014 August - Overall Results

OverallNameCityBib NoAgeGendDivTime
1Alexander Fitz-GibbonOssining NY62716M218:44.4
2Nicholas PerettaNew York NY57228M219:04.1
3Chris CardonWhite Plains NY65319M219:40.9
4Christopher DooganWhite Plains NY64328M219:57.2
5Nicholas Dorian62319M220:18.7
6Matthew SoykWhite Plains NY65222M220:26.6
7Joe CloidtArmonk NY52048M320:39.4
8Pedro YupaPort Chester NY64638M220:58.6
9Sigfredo DiazWhite Plains NY52841M321:21.5
10Peter SenkoArdsley NY54823M221:42.8
11Jeffrey MayerWhite Plains NY61753M321:50.6
12Michael CunninghamHicksville NY63243M321:57.6
13Maciej PrzybylowskiMontrose NY56838M222:10.9
14Kamen StoykonWhite Plains NY55929M222:14.3
15Carlos OlaveWhite Plains NY55730M222:18.3
16William KrebsValhalla NY60513M222:45.9
17Connor VogelWhite Plains NY64514M222:53.4
18Julianne TungWhite Plains NY64015F422:55.1
19Stacey MaganerWhite Plains NY64117F423:07.1
20Joe ConnollyWhite Plains NY52327M223:23.4
21Kenny Dorian62516M223:31.9
22Jeremy SiegelNew York NY54924M223:34.5
23Elaina FerreiraClifton Park NY60321F423:43.5
24James CastroOssining NY51832M223:46.1
25Steve DavisWhite Plains NY52651M324:05.8
26Abe MonisPort Chester NY61247M324:27.4
27Carl Van WinterPoughkeepsie NY60958M324:32.0
28Joe FarrenkopfWhite Plains NY53229M224:49.1
29Jeffrey CareyOssining NY56433M224:57.7
30Greg GilliamBronxville NY644M124:58.5
31Jeffrey SzeWest New York NJ58127M225:46.2
32Bradley TorrezElmsford NY553M126:00.3
33Edward DorianRiverside CT53059M326:09.3
34Chris BarryKatonah NY60850M326:18.8
35David FeibuschWhite Plains NY61348M326:25.3
36Paul ParthemoreNew York NY58424M226:25.9
37Diego RodriguesBrewster NY54524M226:34.5
38Joseph CillaWalden NY51927M226:41.3
39Maryann WuebberArmonk NY55557F526:45.0
40Liz Sutton64849F527:07.4
41David AccollaNew York NY51443M327:14.0
42Larry KahnWhite Plains NY61655M327:17.3
43Kate BrennerScarsdale NY51726F427:22.2
44Samantha LandonRidgefield CT61422F427:26.5
45Marie PittignanoPearl River NY590F127:37.7
46Jill AndersonBronxville NY57733F427:44.4
47Erik RothNew York NY59431M227:48.9
48Shao ZhouWhite Plains NY62223F427:49.3
49Paul ChipocoWhite Plains NY58533M227:50.3
50Jaclyn TungWhite Plains NY64213F428:11.8
51Adam ShapiroHuntington NY58631M228:14.3
52James Makris63744M328:25.0
53Alexander LevineWhite Plains NY55621M228:40.6
54Esther RoseWhite Plains NY61548F528:48.1
55Kaitlin CardonWhite Plains NY65417F428:52.3
56James FennellWhite Plains NY59325M228:55.1
57Dennis WilletteYorktown Heights NY56331M229:09.2
58Amanda SoykWhite Plains NY65118F429:15.1
59Kristin Sutton64916F429:17.1
60Michelle BeahmWhite Plains NY62125F429:17.8
61Scott BrownMassapequa NY57651M329:26.8
62Paul BelnickMnoroe NY58258M329:37.8
63Jasmine Baez61913F429:55.5
64John Costanzo64719M229:57.8
65James HegedusRye NY533M130:00.5
66John CostanzoYorktown Heights NY52519M230:05.5
67George StefopoulosNew York NY57837M230:07.2
68Peter LeeRiveredge NJ53731M230:34.7
69Brian McElroyYonkers NY57552M330:57.5
70Nick CosgroveRocky Point NY59624M230:58.4
71Janet ReidHempstead NY60749F531:17.4
72Emily AlkiewiczFishkill NY58928F431:30.2
73Janine ThomsonWhite Plains NY61047F531:30.8
74James PassabetPleasantville NY61852M331:36.5
75Jorge MontenegroWappingers Falls NY591M132:27.0
76Angelica HodgesHarrison NY534F132:53.7
77Greg MichelenaMineola NY54124M232:59.1
78Jordan MatosWhite Plains NY62422M233:05.6
79Robert LouieElmsford NY57359M333:41.8
80Jerry HoulihanWhite Plains NY53550M333:54.4
81John NelsonCortlandt Manor NY54227M234:09.6
82Shanna SalvatoriStamford CT62623F434:10.0
83Hazel DeRosarioPeekskill NY59728F434:23.4
84Angela ZeollaBronx NY59533F434:55.3
85Nicole SimmondsHastings NY55027F434:55.7
86John Bertran-SotoDobbs Ferry NY51536M235:01.0
87Michelle PalomaresWhite Plains NY62025F435:58.3
88Lucy SangLong Island City NY54632M236:14.4
89Ronald DeSoizaHarrison NY60156M336:20.9
90Sharon DeLorenzoWhite Plains NY52747F536:52.3
91Katie Lynch62812F439:37.7
92Gaby Wakim62913F440:27.6
93Terrie LeoneTuckahoe NY53855F540:27.9
94Bill McAndrewMilford CT63853M340:28.0
95John Lynch63311M240:30.0
96Norma FrancoWhite Plains NY53131F440:34.0
97Toufic Wakim63051M340:45.4
98Janine Wakim63148F541:15.2
99Bernard Montano63940M341:34.7
100Matthew Mankins63420M241:35.0
101Elizabeth KirtlandWhite Plains NY65042F541:36.7
102Leith ColtonArmonk NY52258F542:37.2
103Mona Kosseim63549F542:56.2
104Jennifer DesiqueiraMontrose NY60626F442:56.7
105Participant 6556550M143:26.8
106Ferdinand E. UmaliElmwood Park NJ59931M243:28.3
107Armilee SitonPort Chester NY63630F443:48.3
108Participant Bandit1Purchase NY998M143:53.5
109Shannon SramekScarsdale NY57034F443:58.2
110Alana SaustoNew Rochelle NY57125F444:01.7
111Tennille SantosSecaucus NJ58737F444:26.7
112Lisette RamosMamaroneck NY60434F444:27.6
113Karen AdamHopewell Junction NY59243F545:23.5
114Karla CoelloWhite Plains NY52144F545:25.7
115Rio Bernard MontanoNew Canaan CT60040M353:56.0
116Sylvia LouieOssining NY58032F453:59.2
117Gabriella RomagnuoloWayne NY56720F453:59.8
118Patrick de PaulaGreenwich CT56930M254:06.3
119Alice KennyWhite Plains NY58860F51:01:01.0
120Bobby RamsookWhite Plains NY574M11:01:01.0
121Kathleen FleitzCortlandt Manor NY56651F51:01:01.0
122Jeffrey HorowitzBrewster NY58366M31:01:01.0

2014 August - Male 39 and Under

OverallNameCityBib NoTime
1Alexander Fitz-GibbonOssining NY62718:44.4
2Nicholas PerettaNew York NY57219:04.1
3Chris CardonWhite Plains NY65319:40.9
4Christopher DooganWhite Plains NY64319:57.2
5Nicholas Dorian62320:18.7
6Matthew SoykWhite Plains NY65220:26.6
7Pedro YupaPort Chester NY64620:58.6
8Peter SenkoArdsley NY54821:42.8
9Maciej PrzybylowskiMontrose NY56822:10.9
10Kamen StoykonWhite Plains NY55922:14.3
11Carlos OlaveWhite Plains NY55722:18.3
12William KrebsValhalla NY60522:45.9
13Connor VogelWhite Plains NY64522:53.4
14Joe ConnollyWhite Plains NY52323:23.4
15Kenny Dorian62523:31.9
16Jeremy SiegelNew York NY54923:34.5
17James CastroOssining NY51823:46.1
18Joe FarrenkopfWhite Plains NY53224:49.1
19Jeffrey CareyOssining NY56424:57.7
20Jeffrey SzeWest New York NJ58125:46.2
21Paul ParthemoreNew York NY58426:25.9
22Diego RodriguesBrewster NY54526:34.5
23Joseph CillaWalden NY51926:41.3
24Erik RothNew York NY59427:48.9
25Paul ChipocoWhite Plains NY58527:50.3
26Adam ShapiroHuntington NY58628:14.3
27Alexander LevineWhite Plains NY55628:40.6
28James FennellWhite Plains NY59328:55.1
29Dennis WilletteYorktown Heights NY56329:09.2
30John Costanzo64729:57.8
31John CostanzoYorktown Heights NY52530:05.5
32George StefopoulosNew York NY57830:07.2
33Peter LeeRiveredge NJ53730:34.7
34Nick CosgroveRocky Point NY59630:58.4
35Greg MichelenaMineola NY54132:59.1
36Jordan MatosWhite Plains NY62433:05.6
37John NelsonCortlandt Manor NY54234:09.6
38John Bertran-SotoDobbs Ferry NY51535:01.0
39Lucy SangLong Island City NY54636:14.4
40John Lynch63340:30.0
41Matthew Mankins63441:35.0
42Ferdinand E. UmaliElmwood Park NJ59943:28.3
43Patrick de PaulaGreenwich CT56954:06.3
*Overall place within gender

2014 August - Male 40 and Over

OverallNameCityBib NoTime
1Joe CloidtArmonk NY52020:39.4
2Sigfredo DiazWhite Plains NY52821:21.5
3Jeffrey MayerWhite Plains NY61721:50.6
4Michael CunninghamHicksville NY63221:57.6
5Steve DavisWhite Plains NY52624:05.8
6Abe MonisPort Chester NY61224:27.4
7Carl Van WinterPoughkeepsie NY60924:32.0
8Edward DorianRiverside CT53026:09.3
9Chris BarryKatonah NY60826:18.8
10David FeibuschWhite Plains NY61326:25.3
11David AccollaNew York NY51427:14.0
12Larry KahnWhite Plains NY61627:17.3
13James Makris63728:25.0
14Scott BrownMassapequa NY57629:26.8
15Paul BelnickMnoroe NY58229:37.8
16Brian McElroyYonkers NY57530:57.5
17James PassabetPleasantville NY61831:36.5
18Robert LouieElmsford NY57333:41.8
19Jerry HoulihanWhite Plains NY53533:54.4
20Ronald DeSoizaHarrison NY60136:20.9
21Bill McAndrewMilford CT63840:28.0
22Toufic Wakim63040:45.4
23Bernard Montano63941:34.7
24Rio Bernard MontanoNew Canaan CT60053:56.0
25Jeffrey HorowitzBrewster NY5831:01:01.0
*Overall place within gender
OverallNameCityBib NoTime
1Julianne TungWhite Plains NY64022:55.1
2Stacey MaganerWhite Plains NY64123:07.1
3Elaina FerreiraClifton Park NY60323:43.5
4Kate BrennerScarsdale NY51727:22.2
5Samantha LandonRidgefield CT61427:26.5
6Jill AndersonBronxville NY57727:44.4
7Shao ZhouWhite Plains NY62227:49.3
8Jaclyn TungWhite Plains NY64228:11.8
9Kaitlin CardonWhite Plains NY65428:52.3
10Amanda SoykWhite Plains NY65129:15.1
11Kristin Sutton64929:17.1
12Michelle BeahmWhite Plains NY62129:17.8
13Jasmine Baez61929:55.5
14Emily AlkiewiczFishkill NY58931:30.2
15Shanna SalvatoriStamford CT62634:10.0
16Hazel DeRosarioPeekskill NY59734:23.4
17Angela ZeollaBronx NY59534:55.3
18Nicole SimmondsHastings NY55034:55.7
19Michelle PalomaresWhite Plains NY62035:58.3
20Katie Lynch62839:37.7
21Gaby Wakim62940:27.6
22Norma FrancoWhite Plains NY53140:34.0
23Jennifer DesiqueiraMontrose NY60642:56.7
24Armilee SitonPort Chester NY63643:48.3
25Shannon SramekScarsdale NY57043:58.2
26Alana SaustoNew Rochelle NY57144:01.7
27Tennille SantosSecaucus NJ58744:26.7
28Lisette RamosMamaroneck NY60444:27.6
29Sylvia LouieOssining NY58053:59.2
30Gabriella RomagnuoloWayne NY56753:59.8

2014 August - Female 40 and Over

OverallNameCityBib NoTime
1Maryann WuebberArmonk NY55526:45.0
2Liz Sutton64827:07.4
3Esther RoseWhite Plains NY61528:48.1
4Janet ReidHempstead NY60731:17.4
5Janine ThomsonWhite Plains NY61031:30.8
6Sharon DelorenzoWhite Plains NY52736:52.3
7Terrie LeoneTuckahoe NY53840:27.9
8Janine Wakim63141:15.2
9Elizabeth KirtlandWhite Plains NY65041:36.7
10Leith ColtonArmonk NY52242:37.2
11Mona Kosseim63542:56.2
12Karen AdamHopewell Junction NY59245:23.5
13Karla CoelloWhite Plains NY52145:25.7
14Alice KennyWhite Plains NY5881:01:01.0
15Kathleen FleitzCortlandt Manor NY5661:01:01.0
*Overall place within gender