August 13th 2015 Race Results & Pictures

August 13th 2015 Race Results & Pictures

August 13th 2015 Race Results & Pictures

SUNY Purchase, NY
Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Sunny and warm (75f), dry
Chronotrack Timing by ClubConnecticut.org

The third and final race for the 2015 Westchester Corporate Cup 5K Summer Race Series was held on Wednesday, August 12th. We had a nice turnout.  It was a great day for a run! It was sunny, warm, dry, and a comfortable 75 degrees, which led to an enjoyable and beautiful day for a 5K run/walk through the hilly scenic perimeter of the Purchase College campus.

Due to construction delays at Purchase College, we worked with the college on an alternate route through the first mile of the event.  The route proved to be successful, as we were able to run a full 5K and many people saw a different side of the campus. The feedback from some of the runners will make us consider this route for next year’s races also.

Great job by all the winning teams and individual runners and walkers.  The New York Power Authority won several of the corporate team trophies by landing 1st in both men’s and coed teams. Great job by Tortoise Investment Management, they came in 1st place for the women’s team.  We owe a big apology to O’connor Davies, as they came in 2nd Place for men’s teams, but we didn’t have them listed.  However, we are giving them a shout out now.  Nice job Peter, John, and Thomas.

Thank you to the:

  • First time companies and individual participants that came out.  You guys made the event a success.
  • Returning companies as it is always great to see you.
  • Volunteers from water providers, registration, event setup/cleanup whose hard work and efforts got this event started and finished.
  • Sponsors whose contributions provide the support needed to event attempt putting such a series of events together.  Especially thanks to Heritage Realty Services who has been a partner throughout the entire process.

We will be donating all net proceeds go to the Westchester Continuum of Care, which provides shelter and services for Westchester’s homeless.  We will send out an update in the next two months once this is done.

Below you will find the race results and pictures from the event. Feel free to download them, share them, use them on social media. On Instagram, we’ll post some of the pictures @corp_cup_races.  Feel free to follow us.  Please post your own pictures on Instagram and use the hashtag #WestchesterCorporateCup

Once again, thank you all for making this year’s races a success.

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Event Photos

Race Results

Overall Results

1M01-39Nick Peretta18:526:05
2M01-39Evan Fallor19:016:08
3M01-39Ellery Rajagopal19:116:11
4M40-99Michael Racanello20:186:32
5M01-39Pedro Yupa20:186:32
6M40-99Randall Ehrlich20:306:36
7M01-39Maciej Przybylowski20:506:43
8M01-39Juan Lugenica20:526:43
9M01-39John Goldman20:526:43
10M40-99Fabrice Garzulino20:576:45
11M01-39Luke Savil20:586:45
12M40-99Akil James21:236:53
13F01-39Andrea Remec21:266:54
14M01-39Zine Belhonchet21:376:58
15M01-39Kamen Stoykov21:457:01
16M01-39Peter Senko22:007:05
17M40-99Sigfredo Diaz22:017:06
18M01-39Carlos Olave22:157:10
19F01-39Emily Small22:297:15
20F01-39Sinead Hunt22:437:19
21M01-39Jason Bernz23:057:26
22M01-39Carson Brooks23:097:27
23M01-39Kevin Struempfler23:117:28
24M40-99Jonas Katz23:127:28
25F01-39Inna Berrue23:167:30
26M01-39Michael Amicucci23:197:31
27F01-39Christine Carbonetti23:197:31
28F01-39Lindsay Schechter23:567:42
29F01-39Angela Desimone24:00:007:44
30M01-39Benjamin Hale24:02:007:44
31M01-39Paul Parthemore24:05:007:45
32M01-39Kenny Dorian24:05:007:45
33M01-39Jeffrey Sze24:08:007:46
34M01-39Keith Morriss24:14:007:48
35M01-39Daniel Fix24:18:007:50
36M40-99Fritz Fortmiller24:45:007:58
37M40-99Alvaro Sarmiento24:57:008:02
38M01-39Tom Doherty25:07:008:05
39M01-39Sean Daly25:11:008:07
40F40-99Ruth Littmann25:27:008:12
41M01-39Thomas Kielmanowicz25:29:008:13
42M01-39Jeffrey Carey25:31:008:13
43F40-99Cheryl Lee25:39:008:16
44F01-39Tessa Shore25:43:008:17
45M01-39Ramesh Munugani25:44:008:17
46M40-99Chip Brown25:59:008:22
47M01-39Connor Vogel26:08:008:25
48M01-39Matthew Melamed26:19:008:29
49M40-99Edward Dorian26:21:008:29
50M01-39Thomas Cote26:25:008:30
51M01-39Adam Shapiro26:45:008:37
52M01-39Alberto Cardona27:03:008:43
53F40-99Chrissa Skeadas27:05:008:43
54F40-99Kathleen Brown27:10:008:45
55M01-39Brett Settles27:11:008:45
56F01-39Sylvia Louie27:17:008:47
57M01-39Sean McGowan27:21:008:49
58M01-39Brandon Schembari27:39:008:54
59F01-39Fernanda Constante27:48:008:57
60M40-99James Makris27:51:008:58
61F40-99Juliet Barnes27:55:009:00
62M40-99Phil Denoia28:00:009:01
63M01-39James Castro28:04:009:02
64F01-39Melissa Reynaga28:13:009:05
65F40-99Stephanie Schembari28:28:009:10
66M01-39Joseph Rivera28:34:009:12
67M40-99Brad Bradley28:37:009:13
68F01-39Kaitlin Cardon28:51:009:18
69F01-39Michelle Beahm28:57:009:19
70F01-39Lindsey Coughlin29:00:009:20
71M01-39Diego Rodrigues29:55:009:38
72M01-39William Chavarria29:55:009:38
73M40-99Trez Moore30:02:009:40
74M40-99Shawn Logue30:08:009:42
75M01-39Bradley Torrez30:12:009:44
76M01-39Jeremy Oppenheim30:38:009:52
77F01-39Danielle Secor30:57:009:58
78F01-39Susan Titsworth31:14:0010:04
79M40-99John Joyce31:22:0010:06
80M01-39Joe Nolan31:41:0010:12
81F01-39Emily Alkiewicz31:46:0010:14
82F40-99Monica Nolan32:10:0010:22
83F40-99Lisa Stamatelos32:42:0010:32
84F40-99Angelica Hodges32:56:0010:36
85M01-39Victor Murillo32:58:0010:37
86F01-39Ashleigh Tanella33:08:0010:40
87M01-39John Madigan33:29:0010:47
88F40-99Andrea Lungo33:35:0010:49
89M40-99Mike Daly33:53:0010:55
90M01-39Peter Tkatchenko34:06:0010:59
91F01-39Hazel Derosario34:18:0011:03
92F01-39Sarah Papsun34:39:0011:09
93M01-39Luis Calderon34:54:0011:14
94M40-99John Abad34:57:0011:15
95M01-39Maulikkumar Megha35:05:0011:18
96M01-39Cory Patane35:54:0011:34
97F01-39Christina Puzino35:54:0011:34
98F40-99Eileen Westler36:02:0011:36
99M40-99Jose Chavez36:34:0011:46
100M01-39Nick Cosgrove37:50:0012:11
101M01-39Deepak Shah37:51:0012:11
102M01-39Alexander Levine38:10:0012:17
103M01-39Matthew Saldarelli38:38:0012:26
104F40-99Celia Daniele40:54:0013:10
105F40-99Julie Lank40:54:0013:10
106F40-99Jeanne Lalli40:55:0013:11
107M01-39Bobby Ramsook40:56:0013:11
108M01-39Vikas Patil41:02:0013:13
109M40-99Derrick Butler41:02:0013:13
110M40-99Bill McAndrew42:35:0013:43
111F01-39Jenny Mosquea42:59:0013:51
112M40-99Michael Stolzar44:25:0014:18
113F01-39Tracey Carriera44:47:0014:25
114M01-39Rahul Garine45:36:0014:41
115F40-99Megan MacFadgen45:38:0014:41
116F01-39Cassie Visser46:19:0014:55
117M01-39Raja Khan46:26:0014:57
118F01-39Laura Moreno48:03:0015:28
119M01-39Ferdinand Emman Umali48:32:0015:38
120F01-39Armilee Siton49:13:0015:51
121M40-99Colin Walsh49:56:0016:05
122M40-99Kevin Payne49:56:0016:05
123F40-99Philina Mitchell50:17:0016:11
124F01-39Starr Birmingham50:20:0016:12
125F40-99Rachel Calderon50:25:0016:14
126F01-39Rojalina Nayak54:03:0017:24
127F01-39Kaminiben Patel54:03:0017:24
128F01-39Shagufta Yasmin54:04:0017:24
129F01-39Chryl-Ann Clarke-Purd54:57:0017:42
130F01-39Anna Nappi54:59:0017:42
131M01-39Luis Maldonado58:31:0018:50
132M01-39Joe Darias58:31:0018:50
133F40-99Marjorie Diaz58:31:0018:50
134F40-99Nickole McCants1:02:1920:04
135F40-99Noell Florence1:02:3420:09

Age Group Results

Place Name City Time
1 Evan Fallor Dobbs Ferry 19:01
2 Ellery Rajagopal Harrison 19:11
3 Pedro Yupa Port Chester 20:18
Place Name City Time
1 Sinead Hunt White Plains 22:43
2 Christine Carbonetti White Plains 23:19
3 Lindsay Schechter Harrison 23:56
MALE AGE GROUP:  40 – 99
Place Name City Time
1 Michael Racanello Cortlandt Manor 20:18
2 Randall Ehrlich Greenwich 20:30
3 Akil James White Plains 21:23
Place Name City Time
1 Ruth Littmann Goldens Bridge 25:27:00
2 Cheryl Lee 25:39:00
3 Chrissa Skeadas Bedford 27:05:00

Team Results

1 1:06:16 NYPA A (Male) (  22:06)
Nick Peretta 18:52
Michael Amicucci 23:19
Paul Parthemore 24:05
2 1:08:21 O’Connor Davies – Men (  22:47)
John Goldman 20:52
Peter Senko 22:00
 Thomas Kielmanowicz 25:29
3 1:09:37 Rail Europe 1 – Mens (  23:13)
Fabrice Garzulino 20:57
Zine Belhonchet 21:37
Alberto Cardona 27:03
4 1:11:28 NYPA B  (Male) (  23:50)
Maciej Przybylowski 20:50
Tom Doherty 25:07
Jeffrey Carey 25:31
5 1:12:27 Dorian Drake Bad Boyz (  24:09)
Sigfredo Diaz 22:01
Kenny Dorian 24:05
Edward Dorian 26:21
6 1:17:20 FirstKey – Team: Conqueror (  25:47)
Inna Berrue 23:16
Benjamin Hale 24:02
Trez Moore 30:02
7 1:42:53 Broadridge FXL (  34:18)
Carlos Olave 22:15
Sean Daly 25:11
Kamen Stoykov 55:27
8 1:52:12 FirstKey – Team: TRS80 (  37:24)
Shawn Logue 30:08
Vikas Patil 41:02
Derrick Butler 41:02
9 1:53:58 Broadridge (  38:00)
Bradley Torrez 30:12
Alexander Levine 38:10
Rahul Garine 45:36
10 2:01:51 FirstKey – Team: Glory (  40:37)
John Abad 34:57
Jose Chavez 36:34
Starr Birmingham 50:20
11 2:25:39 FirstKey: Happy Feet (  48:33)
Brad Bradley 28:37
Luis Maldonado 58:31
Joe Darias 58:31
1 1:11:09 Tortoise Investment Management (Female) (  23:43)
Andrea Remec 21:26
Angela Desimone 24:00
Tessa Shore 25:43
2 2:02:43 FirstKey – Team: JCJ  (Female) (  40:55)
Celia Daniele 40:54
Julie Lank 40:54
Jeanne Lalli 40:55
3 2:13:50 FirstKey – Team: Warriors  (Female) (  44:37)
Ashleigh Tanella 33:08
Philina Mitchell 50:17
Rachel Calderon 50:25
4 2:48:27 FirstKey – Team: DCP   (Female) (  56:09)
Chryl-Ann Clarke-Purdie 54:57
Anna Nappi 54:59
Marjorie Diaz 58:31
1 1:38:51 NYPA AWESOME (  24:43)
Emily Small 22:29
Jeffrey Sze 24:08
Alvaro Sarmiento 24:57
Sylvia Louie 27:17
2 2:01:55 NYPA C (  30:29)
Joseph Rivera 28:34
Jeremy Oppenheim 30:38
Danielle Secor 30:57
Emily Alkiewicz 31:46
3 3:00:17 Rail Europe 3 – Coed (  45:05)
Ramesh Munugani 25:44
Raja Khan 46:26
Rojalina Nayak 54:03
Shagufta Yasmin 54:04